Discipline Framework
The discipline framework in Zhonghua Secondary School is one that is not punitive but more of developing the child holistically.

We as disciplinarians aimed to support the child and educate him/her of any wrongdoing. As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. Thus, we will involve parents when necessary to support and educate the child as we recognize that parents are our important stakeholders and play an important part in upbringing the child. We will also re-direct every child’s focus from “not doing it wrong” to “doing it right”.

The Discipline Committee’s main objective is to ensure that the school is a safe and conducive environment for both teachers and students so that teaching and learning can take place in the classroom.

Discipline Committee

Mr Ron Low

HOD Discipline


Ms Cher Huey Miin

Discipline Teacher


Ms Lim Fong Choon

Discipline Teacher


Ms Lum Shu Wei

Discipline Teacher


Students who used their mobile phones irresponsibly will have their mobile phones confiscated. The mobile phones will be returned to them subject to good behaviour at the end of the academic term.

Expected Grooming and Attire Standards
  1. All students’ hair should be of natural colour.
  2. Boys’ hair should not be funky or of inappropriate hairstyle such as overlapped, Mohawk etc.
  3. Girls’ hair should be tied neatly with a brown/black hair band or hair clips.
  4. Strictly no tongue studs due to safety reasons
  5. Girls are allowed to wear one pair of identical earrings/studs of simple black/dark colored design. It should be small sized and a non-dangle earring. There should not be earrings/studs on extra ear holes.
  6. Strictly NO Ear Accessories for BOYS – Including ear sticks, straws etc.
  7. Students should wear white canvas shoes and white school socks to school.
  8. Students’ uniform (shirt, pants, skirt) should not be altered in any way.

Attire and Grooming


Girls with Short Hair
Girls with Long Hair