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Learning and Behavioural Support

Learning and Behavioral Support
Learning and behavioural support is an added aspect of student development that aims to provide special educational support to students with learning challenges. The support encompasses needs based interventions and participation of stakeholders involving parents, school personnel and external agencies.

Intervention Support

Programme or service

Tier 1:  General school population

  School talks:

1.1    Inclusivity and SEN awareness talks

Tier 2:  Students who need additional help

Targeted intervention:

2.1    Withdrawal session (individual or group)

2.2    Inclusive education targeted for small group

2.3    In-class support for skills generalisation

Tier 3:  Students who need specialized help

External referral:

3.1    REACH / Child Guidance Clinic

3.2    National Addictions Mgt Service

3.3    Dyslexia Association Singapore

3.4    AWWA

Needs based support

Area 1: Social skills

Support level

Support social and communication skills to assimilate into school environment.


Individual or small group intervention support (e.g. literacy or behavoural management skills)

Area 2: Literacy skills

Enhance learning skills through using learning strategies


In-class support to reinforce and generalise skills learnt

Area 3: Behavioural management

Support positive and prosocial behaviour


Small groups skills training (e.g. social skills, study and organisation skills)