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The guiding principles of our CCA programme are as follows:
  • To build character, team spirits and responsibility 
  • To provide a broad based programme with opportunities to specialize
  • To be responsive to inculcating national values and skills
  • To promote social integration
CCA in Zhonghua is classified into four major groups:
With effect from 2015, Badminton (for Girls) will be offered as a co-curricular activity (CCA). The new batch of Secondary 1 Girls will be the pioneers of this CCA and they will get to hone their skills in becoming girls of intellect, dexterity and sportsmanship.
Every student in Zhonghua has to join at least one CCA in his or her stay in the school.

Sports Safety at Zhonghua Secondary School

ZHSS Measures Taken:

School Sports Safety Policies
Safety Training for Staff (eg. RAMS, etc)
Safety briefings for Students prior to activity (PE, Sports, Camps, etc)
Insurance for students.
Regular maintenance & upgrade of Sports Facilities & Equipment

Role of Parents

Advise their child to adhere to safety rules as prescribed by the sports coaches/ PE teachers/ teachers
Inform Sports/ PE/ Form teachers of their child's health condition, if any 
Reinforce fair play to the child involved in sports competitions 
Respect the coaches/ teachers/ officials and uphold the code of conduct
More safety information from
Singapore Schools Sports Council Website