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Teachers in Charge:
Ms Cui Jingyi
Ms Wang Jing

Days of Training:

Monday (Performing Group)

Friday (Sec 1

3.30 – 6 pm

1.30 – 3.30 pm

Edified Room

Student Leaders:

Chairperson:  Koh Zhen Qi (4E1)
Vice-Chairpersons:  Hue Qian Qian (4E4) & Jessie Tan (4N2)
Student Conductor:  He Yuxin (4E4)
Section Leaders:  Yu Zihan (4E3), Qian Zixi (4E2), Ng Wenjun (4E2)
Secretary/Treasurer:  Sophia Chew (4N1)
Logistics Leaders:  Tan Klara (4T1) & Tay Cai Yee (4E3)
Recreational Leaders:  Kristen Mook (4E1) & Qian Zixi (4E2)
Group Leaders:  Ong Hui Ya (4E1), Kuah Wen Xin (4E2), Baey Zo-Xin (4E4) & Cheyenne Chew (4E4)

Our Guzheng Ensemble currently boasts a strength of 66 members.  We aim to cultivate an appreciation of and interest in Guzheng.  Under the creative and expert guidance of Ms Cui Jing Yi, a very experienced instructor from Xi’an Conservatory of Music, the Ensemble has been growing from strength to strength over the years.  ZHSS Guzheng Ensemble constantly provides our members with a platform to showcase their talents and skills in major school concerts/functions as well as external public performances.  These valuable opportunities give our students the exposure they need to hone their skills. 

Recent Achievements: 
Singapore Youth Festival AP 2019 – DISTINCTION
Singapore Youth Festival AP 2017 – DISTINCTION
Singapore Youth Festival AP 2015 – ACCOMPLISHMENT
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2013 – GOLD
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2011 – GOLD