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Teachers in Charge:

Mrs Ho-Tam Mee Fong

Ms Yeo Shu Ling

Ms Julia Yeo






Ms Cui Jingyi

Ms Wang Jing

Ms Qiu Ai Lin

Days of Training:




3.30 – 6 pm (Performing Group only)


1.30 – 3.30 pm (Sec 1s)

2 – 5.30 pm (Performing Group)



Auditorium / Band Room


Student Leaders:

Chairperson:  Wong Hui Li Charlotte (3E3)

Vice-Chairperson 1:  Cheang Teng Wei Grace (3E3)

Vice-Chairperson 2:  Ng Lin (3E4)

Student Conductor:  Wang Yiqian Ely (3E1)


Our Guzheng Ensemble currently boasts a strength of 60 members. We aim to cultivate an appreciation of and interest in Guzheng, and also to promote zheng music among its members. Under the creative and expert guidance of Ms Cui Jing Yi, a very experienced instructor from Xi’an Conservatory of Music, the Ensemble has grown from strength to strength in the past 12 years.

ZHSS Guzheng Ensemble constantly provides our members with a platform to showcase their talent and skills in major school concerts/functions as well as public performances such as the sold-out concert entitled 似曾相识 on 11 March at Ci Yuan Community Club with several other schools.  Together with ZHSS Chinese Orchestra, we also performed our combined concert entitled ‘Zephyr’ in the school hall on 6 April which drew close to 800 attendees.  Both on-stage experiences were significant milestones for our performing group as they helped to develop our Ensemble’s music repertoire and technical capabilities.  These valuable opportunities give our students the exposure they need to grow and develop in their talents.  Our younger members also spread the festive cheer to the elderly at Bright Hill Evergreen Home during the Chinese New Year Season by putting up performances for them.  They also befriended the elderly and interacted with them over games, food and songs.

Through our numerous Guzheng practices and bonding activities, close bonds and great esprit de corps have been built among members.


Recent Achievement: 

2011 SYF Central Judging – Gold

2013 SYF AP – Certificate of Distinction

2015 SYF AP – Certificate of Accomplishment

2017 SYF AP – Certificate of Distinction

ZEPHYR 2018 – Combined CO and Guzheng Concert on 6 April to a large turnout